Pastor Gregg McHenry Ministry Trip

Pastor Gregg Arrived in India on September 10th for a 3 week Ministry trip.

Starting September 11th he ministered with Pastor Israel to the Shri Lanka Refugees!

“We then rushed off to a small church just off of the island on the mainland India. These are Shri Lanka refugees. They escaped the war & slavery & came to India to worship Jesus freely. God did exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ask or think. Every yoke of bondage was destroyed & every burden was removed.
Everyone was set free and left that church with joy joy unspeakable joy & full of glory. Many received healing.”

The Pastor of the church told Pastor Israel that they had never experienced anything like before & he said that his church had been taken to a new level. Praise Jesus for the abundant life. There was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit & fire.

“ The Word of God was preached boldly & the Lord stretched forth His hand to heal & signs & wonders were done in the Holy name of Jesus. The people received the Word gladly as God, once again demonstrated His mighty power. Devils were cast out, people were miracously healed instantaneously. Prophetic Words were shared with such accuracy”…

He had a special Time of ministry where he taught  and ministered to the bible school students. Many lives where changed and impacted for the Kingdom.

Pastor Israel and Pastor Gregg McHenry had a wonderful time and looking forward to many to come!

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