Vacation Bible School 2018

We had a wonderful and most productive time showing Jesus to the children. They are taught about Jesus and raised up to be warriors for Jesus in India. Pray for the children in India they are under great attack from the enemy. Jesus is doing a great work in the lives of these young children by setting them free from bondages and demonic influences. It is a mighty victory to complete VBS.

Pastor Gregg McHenry Ministry Trip

Pastor Gregg Arrived in India on September 10th for a 3 week Ministry trip.

Starting September 11th he ministered with Pastor Israel to the Shri Lanka Refugees!

“We then rushed off to a small church just off of the island on the mainland India. These are Shri Lanka refugees. They escaped the war & slavery & came to India to worship Jesus freely. God did exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ask or think. Every yoke of bondage was destroyed & every burden was removed.
Everyone was set free and left that church with joy joy unspeakable joy & full of glory. Many received healing.”

The Pastor of the church told Pastor Israel that they had never experienced anything like before & he said that his church had been taken to a new level. Praise Jesus for the abundant life. There was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit & fire.

“ The Word of God was preached boldly & the Lord stretched forth His hand to heal & signs & wonders were done in the Holy name of Jesus. The people received the Word gladly as God, once again demonstrated His mighty power. Devils were cast out, people were miracously healed instantaneously. Prophetic Words were shared with such accuracy”…

He had a special Time of ministry where he taught  and ministered to the bible school students. Many lives where changed and impacted for the Kingdom.

Pastor Israel and Pastor Gregg McHenry had a wonderful time and looking forward to many to come!

VBS 2017

Body of Christ International ministries Vacation Bible School in May of 2017 was a great work of the Lord. Many lives where impacted, many seeds where planted and watered. Thank you for your prayers and support. God is doing a great work in India in the younger generation turning the hearts to Christ and raising up many laborers for the kingdom to spread throughout our nation.

2017 First Quarter Ministry Update

In the last quarter of 2016, we have been very busy doing work for the Lord Jesus, leading us into 2017. We have had a very fruitful year with many churches opened and many lives changed. We are continuing to grow in knowledge and experience of the Lord’s work. In the School of Ministry we had a special time with a Program by our Bible College Students and Children’s Home Students.

We also had Missionaries gather from South India for a three day Conference in Rameswarm. Also, a Convention at Kerala State. The Lord is doing many great works and lives are being changed and many are strengthened in the Lord to continue to do His work in bringing in the harvest. We celebrate what the Lord is doing and continues to do. Keep us in your Prayers.

…. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest.”  Matthew 9:37

Ministry Report October 1, 2016

Ministry Report

May the name of the Lord be glorified.

Greetings to you all in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are so happy to witness what the Lord has done through us in His ministry. Last month God enabled us to do ministry in the place called Trivandrum. Here about 4 members along with me joined to do the work. First of all we went to a church to preach the word of God. There about 200 people gathered and heard the word of God. Holy Spirit inspired me to preach a particular message along with my testimony. So I was talking to the people to be united always with Christ. Along with that we shared how God taught us to grow in faith and how God blessed us in ministries. Hearing this people understood the value of the Gospel ministries.

After the meeting we announced the audience to go for outreach ministry in the evening. About 70 people accepted the invitation and prepared to go for outreach ministry in the villages. In the evening we entered into a sea shore village named Vizhinjam, where lot of drunkards doing fishing works. We distributed Gospel literatures and in one particular junction, Mrs. Sarojam Paulose shared the Gospel message through a Gospel chart. After the message a lady came forward for prayer and requested us for a miracle in her life. We prayed for her and left another village to distribute tracts. After this ministry, the church members of that church decided to go for gospel ministry on every Sunday evenings. Praise the Lord.

Then God enabled us to go to a city called Thiruvallur. A team of 3 members accompanied with me in this trip. On the way to this ministry we distributed Gospel booklets to many people. We reached the city on the next day. This particular day was announced as holiday for all the schools and colleges. So the local pastor arranged a meeting on this day and made lot of advertisements through Television, wall posts and bit notices about this meeting. Unexpectedly, this day was re announced as working day. The local church worried about the meeting and still prayed for the success. The meeting started in the morning. Surprisingly, about 500 people participated in this meeting and all the leaders wondered and praised the Lord Almighty. God helped me to share about the importance and emergency need of the Gospel

ministry. After the meeting we announced about the village Gospel ministry. About 100 people joined in this ministry with great enthusiasm. We explained the Gospel through a Gospel chart mentions about a human heart. Many people received the Gospel truth and believed in the Lord. Then we went to an important marriage function and then to a thanks giving meeting. God’s name was glorified in all these meetings.

On the next day God helped us to go another town named Dharapuram, where lot of anti Christian movements exist. Two days meeting was arranged here. We with the zeal of sharing Gospel went to do street ministry in the morning. Here the people have the community ego problem. Even then, lot of people heard the Gospel and the Lord protected us from all the anti Gospel troubles. Then we went to visit the Hindi speaking people and shared the Gospel with them through the Gospel chart. At the end we could see lot of people gathered in front of a tea shop. Using this opportunity we started explaining the Gospel chart. People have shown much interest in watching the chart. Few others looked with anger against us. God has protected us from all the evil and His name was greatly glorified.

The following day was arranged as Pastors family gathering and here about 200 pastors gathered with their family and worshipped the Lord. Here God enabled me to speak about sacrificial life as Jesus lived along with the ministry experiences the Lord led through. All the pastors and their family were encouraged through the word of God and gave glory to His name. After emphasizing the importance of Gospel, we announced the pastors for the evening outreach ministry. About 20 of them participated and distributed Gospel literatures in the surrounding villages. In the evening the meeting was arranged for all the believers. Powerful word of the Lord was preached along with the ministry experiences. People were encouraged and re dedicated their lives for the Lord.

The next day was Sunday and during the journey me and my wife Mrs. Sarojam Paulose was suffering from severe head ache. We prayed to the Lord and the Lord strengthened us to preach His word on Sunday. About 200 church members gathered for the worship service. In the beginning, Mrs. Sarojam Paulose shared her salvation experiences and following that God was speaking

through me His unchanging word to the people. All the believers were encouraged through the word of God and glorified the name of the Lord.

Kuttalam is one of the tourist places where from all over India people come here for entertainment. Here is a natural waterfalls, where people enjoys in taking bath. Near to this area, we were invited in a church where Pastor Paul Dinaharan is working. As per his invitation we as a team of 6 members went to his church. A 3days seminar was arranged and about 100 pastors working under an organisation gathered here to hear the word of God and for the fellowship. God helped me to share His word about quickening the preaching of the Gospel along with my 50 years ministry experiences. All of them were encouraged in doing ministry more effectively. On the next morning, we as a team went to the waterfalls area and distributed Gospel booklets to all the people. Every one accepted it with great interest.

In the first session of the next day, my third daughter Mrs. Sara Divakar shared the word of God from I Corinthians. God used her mightily and the people were blessed. Then in the second session God helped Mrs. Sarojam Paulose to share the word of God from Ezeikiel 36 and encouraged the pastors to be anointed and blessed. Next day is Sunday and we reached a place called Tirunelveli and participated in the worship service. There God helped me to preach the word about unity and oneness. Everyone was greatly blessed.

After sharing the importance of Gospel we invited people for the evening outreach. About 60 people gathered for this outreach and visited villages of 6 kilometres away from the church. While preaching the Gospel in a village with the chart, a lady came forward and invited us to her house. When we entered into her house, we could see 13 members living inside and one among them was bedridden. Using the opportunity we explained the Gospel truth through the chart to everyone and led them in salvation prayer. Then we prayed for the sick and encouraged everyone to live for the Lord almighty. Through this trip God has helped our team members to share His love with many people. Praise the Lord.

BCM News


Outreach Ministry Update

Outreach Ministry

Greetings in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our God is so wonderful and doing awesome things in our ministry field. From the Body of Christ ministries God has enabled us to arrange an outreach program to our ISM (International School of Ministry) students as well as GCH Children. About 17 members joined in this program to do the ministry in Kerala sea shore. This is the place where lot of fisherman community lives. These are the places where Pastor. M. Paulose, Mrs. Sarojam Paulose did there pioneer mission works and it is also a vision given by God for the BCM.  

Our team members departed from Rameswaram and reached southern kerala at midnight. After a short rest, in the early morning around 5:30 AM our team members started the ministry in the sea shore called KalaKoottam. The atmosphere was very quiet and found many people living in the sea shore side. We selected a proper place where lot of people gathers and started preaching the Gospel through mega phone. On this starting day Pastor M. Paulose and Mrs. Sarojam Paulose were there with us for the ministry. We have a chart with us which contains information about the Gospel along with the biblical pictures. Mrs. Sarojam Paulose explained this chart and shared the Gospel with the people. The people who gathered there were keenly listened the Gospel and were believed in the Lord. Then we divided our team members and distributed tracts and Gospel literatures to all the people who surrounded us and to all the houses there. This program was an outstanding program and the team members were encouraged to do ministry more effectively.


 After this program we were led under the leadership of Pastor. Divakar and Sister. Sara. They guided us to reach another area and we divided the team into three and went to three different places to do the ministry. In all these places we found many children playing and wandering here and there because of the school vacation. So using this opportunity, we gathered all the children and started teaching songs with actions and told bible stories to the children. They all were so happy and involved in all the activities. We have conducted games and distributed balloons and prizes to the children.  We shared the Gospel with them and prayed for them. Most of the children surrendered their lives for Jesus while praying. It was an awesome time for all the team members doing such ministry. Praise the Lord.


After a short rest and Lunch, we went to a place called Puthukurichy to do the ministry. There God enabled our team to visit the houses and to distribute Gospel literatures to the people. Many people happily received us in their houses and were attentive to listen from us. We shared them the pure Gospel and encourage them to go spiritual churches for worship. Then we went to a church for our stay. There we prepared and had the dinner. Then we prayed for an hour for the ministry we done on that day. God’s name was greatly glorified.

On the next morning, we woke up and we prayed from 5 to 6 AM for the ministry we have to do on that day. Then we reached a place called Kochuveli. Here the bible college students performed a skit describing about the burden of a man. Many people gathered and watched with great enthusiasm. After the skit we distributed tracts to the gathered people. Then the Gospel chart was explained clearly to the people. Hearing the Gospel many people accepted Christ as their saviour. Following that we explained the chart in two more villages and shared the Gospel truths with the people. Then we entered into another village and started sharing the Gospel. During this time few Hindu fanatics, stopped us and not allowed us to continue the Gospel, so we moved on to other villages and distributed Gospel tracts to the people by visiting their houses. People were very much eager to receive the tracts and we were so happy about that.


After the lunch we went to a market named Poonthurai where lot of people gathers. Here we conducted the skit named Burden and explained the Chart to the people. Different religious people heard the Gospel and were believed in the Lord. In the evening we prayed for the perishing souls to be saved and for the ministry we did on that day for 2 hours and then we prepared dinner and went for rest.

Next day was a challenging day and we went to a place called Valiathurai. Here we did door to door ministry by distributing Gospel literatures and sharing the Gospel. Most of the people here are other religious. So when we returned back we found most of the tracts thrown in front of their houses. We collected it back and prayed for such stone hearted people to be saved. On the way we found two grandmas, who were so sick and was not able to walk for long days. We went there and prayed for their healing. God heard our prayers and healed them completely. After prayer they were able to walk and we together praised the Lord.

Throughout this day we faced oppositions to the ministry, but on the other side God did great wonders to fulfil His will and purpose. On the way back to our ministry we went to a tourist place called Sangumugam and shared what God has done through this ministry and we all glorified the Lord Almighty by thanking and Praising Him.


On the next day we went to some of the tourist places in Trivandrum, Kerala and we went to Neyyar Dam for the visit. We praised the Lord for His wonder working Hands. Then we went to a fasting prayer meeting in the place called Vellarada. There God spoke to us through His words. We all were encouraged through the fasting prayer and again we went to a place called Naalumavadi where thousands of people gathered for an intercessory monthly prayer meeting. There we prayed for countries and for the perishing souls. They led us to pray for the salvation of India. We were filled with joy in these meetings. We all were encouraged and empowered through these prayers and gatherings.                                                                                       

We were privileged to do this outreach ministry. We were so happy in distributing Gospel literatures, involving in skits and sharing the Gospel. We could see lot of people accepting the Lord. We praise the Lord for His mighty leadings. We extend our heartfelt thanks for making this opportunity to Pastor M. Paulose and BCM ministries. God Bless you

                                                     Thank you




Vision 2020

Body of Christ International Ministries - India Is taking the Gospel to the 1.3 Billion people in India through various services. Our Goal is the fallowing.

1.       Sponsor 500 Missionaries

2.       Supply100,000 Bibles

3.       Provide 50 PA Systems

4.       Print 10,000,000 Literatures

5.       Build 100 Village Churches

6.       Provide 50 Motor Bikes to Missionaries

7.       Drill 50 Water well

8.       Help 20 Infant Rescue Babies

9.       Help 25,000 Children Attend VBS



$150 Sponsor  Missionaries

$4 SupplyBible

$150 Provide PA System for Village outreach

$100 Print 10,000 Tracts

Build a Village Church $5,000-$20,000

$1000 Sponsor a  Motor Bike for Missionaries

$1,000 Drill a Water well

$30 Sponsor a home for Infant  

$3 Sponsor  a Child to attend VBS 

Deadliest Flood in Chennai, South India

Greetings in Jesus name. We are so glad to contact you through this mail. The situation of Tamil Nadu is getting worse because of the severe continuous rain. Especially in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, the common people as well as the believers and our friends are struggling so much to get rid of the current situation. The main bridge which is connecting to Chennai is filled with river and drainage water and the water level is flowing 4 to 5 feet over the bridge and so the bus transports were stopped. In many places, there were railway track problems, because of the water passages and so the rail transport is blocked. And the airport in Chennai is filled with water and so the flight service also stopped and the airport authorities told in news that it takes 5 days to use the airport. So, that many damages are happened in this place and the people were highly affected. About 200 people are dead because of the flood. In several places the ground floor was sink in water and the people are staying in 1st and 2nd flours. Through Helicopters, foods are being distributed by few organizations.  Large number of people lost their houses and huts and were staying in schools and public places. So there is an emergency need for these people is to provide them food and shelter. For more images please visit www. Chennai flood Please pray about giving a gift to help relieve the need of the people of the ministry and the people of India. Thank you so much.

2015 Graduation

Dear loving family, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. Last Saturday we had a very blessed Graduation service of our Bible college students. 7 Students graduated. Coming the 15th of June we are going to start the classes again for the this year. Many students are planing on coming from different parts of India to be trained under this ministry. May the Lord bless you very much!


Israel Paulose

Body of Christ Update - Oct. 2014

Greetings Prayer Partners,

My heart is full of greatness and excitement to relay the incredible work God is doing through the ministry in our country of India. Recently, the Lord placed a heavy burden and focus on the city of Kazhakuttam, which is near the costal side of Trivandrum.  This city is located in the state of Kerala, India. The population is around 25,000 with approximately 500 families who live right off the beach.  

Fishing is the main source of income for families in Kazhakuttam. The men fish during the day while the women stay home with their children, some women also assist their husbands with the daily fishing. It is a very hard and rigorous lifestyle for these people.  Around 1969 through 1975, our ministry outreach did extend to this particular area of India. During that time, there were no established roads in the area, no indoor plumbing and no electricity in homes. It was a very poor area of India. In addition to the poor physical surroundings, the spiritual climate also suffered, as the Gospel had never been preached there. During the early 70s we distributed Gospel literature, and during the evenings we had screenings of, “The Jesus Film.” The filming proved very successful, with hundreds of souls in attendance! Recalling back to those days, after the film, my Dad, mother, Billy, Susanna and I, would often sleep in the village right off the beach and start our day all over again repeating our ministry outreaches’ in other coastal villages. With our victories we also had many obstacles. Many villages unfortunately did not welcome our presence and we were often physically hurt and at one point we were even driven out of a village. Regardless of the opposition that we faced, as a family, we kept on with the mission to reach this area of India. 

    With the strong prompting of the Holy Spirit, almost 35 years later, we felt it necessary once again to penetrate this demographic with the love of Jesus Christ. The Lord placed such a special calling on my Dad to reach this area once more. As a family we began praying and soon, the Lord began to lay out a very specific plan. We began forming various prayer teams, and started training up to 35 local missionaries who had a heart and vision to reach this specific people group.  

    We prepared and printed thousands of Gospel pamphlets to pass out. It was amazing how quickly God orchestrated this outreach. A three day event was slated for October 27th through the 30th


Our teams met and prayed over the work needed to be done. We then organized the teams into small groups and soon the street ministry began. Our teams passed out pamphlets and conducted open air preaching rallies. To our surprise, as we went into the villages there was a total drastic change!  The towns and villages looked completely different with new roadways, well built homes with indoor plumbing and working electricity. The educational systems were much better condition. We also came across other missionaries who were reaching this area. There were many new churches and Christian schools and hundreds of strong believers living out their faith! Our family, our ministry disciples, along with our fellow leaders, Pastor Joy Kutty Chakko all felt a true deep joy to be able to witness such transformation for the Kingdom!  My Dad’s heart was truly blessed seeing such restoration. He recalled the hardship our family faced; the sweat and tears that went into sowing the seed of the Word of God 35 years ago was now showing its fruit! 


    From our hearts we wanted to extend our sincerest, thank you, for your continued prayers and financial support. The fruit here is evidence of our efforts! More than 2,000 homes were visited and nearly 30,000 Gospel pamphlets were distributed. In addition the teams also passed out 600 copies of the New Testament. A total of 23 open air preaching rallies were conducted in various villages, all for His Kingdom! It is our continued prayer that one day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord!


For His Kingdom, 

Israel Paulose


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