• Infant Home and Orphanage

After hearing about the social evils called female infanticide in some of the villages of the state of Tamil NaduIndia, our hearts were broken to see the helpless situation of these infants, so we started a rescue home for these babies to give them parental care, shelter and a godly education for a bright future. This will show them the true love of Jesus as they grow. Like Maria a tiny infant wrapped in a cloth, she was abandoned near the railway tracks in front of our ministry campus. One of our staff passing by heard the sound of a little baby crying. Stunned he discovered the little infant in the setting darkness while dogs and hounds were howling nearby. We took her in the rescue home with great love. She was malnourished and had other health issues. Within no time she grew into a happy, healthy beautiful girl studying at the King of Kings school with the other children. We are overjoyed to see her growth and development, her happy and joyous nature.  Also we have a home for orphans who are very desperate. They are orphan or semi orphan or from very poor families that they cannot afford food or education. 

  • King Of Kings And Prince Of Peace Schools

Our island is so backward in education and in order to get a good education, young students would have to travel very far and many do not have the finances to do so. So by the grace of God we started King of Kings and Prince of Peace schools to give them the best education. We have prayer, bible reading, storytelling and memorizing the scriptures in our schools. We started with 60 students and now grew up to 1900 students and growing.  Many Hindu and Muslim children are coming and receiving very godly education.

  • Free Medical Camp And Providing Clean Water

We are involved in conducting free medical camps for the benefit of people in island and also outside of the island.  Many of them are truly blessed by the medical help. There are lot of villages do not have clean drinking water so they use the local water causing them a lot of sickness. Seeing this great need, we started to provide wells to supply clean water in order to improve their health.

  • Mercy Ministry

This is the ministry among the mentally ill.  We saw many of these people wandering the streets and roads of Rameswaram, South India starving, and without proper clothing and shelter. We provide food everyday wherever they are.  Twice a month we bring them into our ministry campus and cut their hair, clip their nails, give them a fresh bath and give them new clothes and food and then we pray for them. To share with you one example, during one of the ministry rounds, one young man was brought in to our campus. God healed and delivered him immediately. He asked us to allow him to stay at the ministry campus. Our team led him to Christ; he was baptized and trained in our Bible College.  After 4 years of training, he received the burden for his own people and has been sent to his own community as a missionary to work in an area where the Gospel has not been heard. Most of the people in this village and surrounding areas worships evil spirits and idols, but by the power of God and through the signs and wonders he is proving that Jesus is the Lord over all and winning many children and families to Christ, within a very short time he has won more than 45 people. We have hundreds of missionaries like him working in the field, in villages across India.

  • Vacation Bible School

After understanding that winning the souls of children are very important in the ministry, we have been conducting the vacation bible school ministry every year during the summer vacation. We started with nearly 40 children and now this has grown to 2800. The loving message of our Lord Jesus Christ has reached to thousands of the young generation through this VBS ministry. Sowing seeds of faith among the children will bring yield in God’s time of harvest.

  • Supplying Bibles

God’s Word is the greatest power of all. By knowing this, we want to place the Bible into the hands of all people. To this end we have supplied thousands of bibles through our ministry. One time I was visiting the State of Orissa during the great persecution of 2008. Many Christians lost their homes and loved ones. Houses were burned to ground as they fled to other villages to save their lives.  They literally lost everything they had and have arrived empty handed. When I met these people to help them I asked how I can help. Their only request; all in one voice was to provide them with a new Bible.  I was profoundly touched to hear it as they told me that seeking the kingdom of God first; every thing shall be added unto you.  So we supplied Bibles to them, then food and clothing. Our target for the year 2020 is to supply one hundred thousand Bibles in to the hands of the people.

  • Bible College, Outreach And Pastors Conference

The greatest vision of our ministry is to train Christ-like disciples and send them all over the nations so we run a bible college where we train these disciples in depth of the Knowledge of the scripture. We take them to the villages for the hands on practical field training as Jesus was doing. This really helps the students to be very effective in sharing the gospel with boldness. We also have a pastor’s conference where we gather missionaries from the field and give them a time of refreshing and equip them with the “dunamis” power and send them back to the field to be effective in bringing people into the marvelous light. We have trained more than 5000 missionaries in this way.

  • Building Village Churches

After a long and difficult struggle in getting the Gospel into the hands of the unreached people, we are now seeing villages opening and receiving the gospel as they see the true power of God and want to know more about it and leave all old traditions which they have been following for generations.  Amazingly these villagers are donating their land freely for us to build churches. So the native people are being saved and trained. Then they are sent to their own communities to witness so now a great breakthrough is happening. We have established more than 180 churches in 16 states throughout India.  Our great vision and goal is to build 100 more churches before the year 2020.  We also want to expand this work to all the states of India. By Gods grace we have built 10 churches already and we have 90 more to go before year 2020. (We call this: “Vision 2020”)

  • Sponsoring Native Missionaries

Sponsoring native missionaries is the greatest need of bringing the gospel to the unreached people, because the Gospel is the power of God into salvation. So we have trained native missionaries with their families who are willing to go wherever God wants themand are willing to face anything at cost in order to present the Gospel. We already sponsor nearly 230 missionaries every month but there are more than 130 missionaries still waiting to be sponsored.  Will you pray with us and if God speaks to you to sponsor these missionaries please let us know.

  • Conclusion

Thank you so much for taking this precious time to hear and see what the lord is doing in India thru our ministry. There are many ways that you can get involved in this wonderful revival God is bringing. Maybe you and your team or your Church can pray for this ministry. You can also make a mission trip to come and be a part of God’s work.  You can send your resources to the various wings of our ministry. I pray as you watch this, God will give you a special burden and a passion to get involved in any one of the areas as God leads you. May the lord richly bless you more and more.

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