Deadliest Flood in Chennai, South India

Greetings in Jesus name. We are so glad to contact you through this mail. The situation of Tamil Nadu is getting worse because of the severe continuous rain. Especially in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, the common people as well as the believers and our friends are struggling so much to get rid of the current situation. The main bridge which is connecting to Chennai is filled with river and drainage water and the water level is flowing 4 to 5 feet over the bridge and so the bus transports were stopped. In many places, there were railway track problems, because of the water passages and so the rail transport is blocked. And the airport in Chennai is filled with water and so the flight service also stopped and the airport authorities told in news that it takes 5 days to use the airport. So, that many damages are happened in this place and the people were highly affected. About 200 people are dead because of the flood. In several places the ground floor was sink in water and the people are staying in 1st and 2nd flours. Through Helicopters, foods are being distributed by few organizations.  Large number of people lost their houses and huts and were staying in schools and public places. So there is an emergency need for these people is to provide them food and shelter. For more images please visit www. Chennai flood Please pray about giving a gift to help relieve the need of the people of the ministry and the people of India. Thank you so much.

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